John Stark Regional High School

France 2016

Nice, Monaco, Marseille,  Paris,  la Normandie,  la Bretagne,  la Loire
Welcome to a two-week fieldwork experience to France from our International curriculum course of study in April of 2016.

While in France, we will travel the countryside from la Méditerranée to la Manche,  from the constitutional monarchy of Monaco and the fortress and prison of Dumas' Edmond Dantès, le Château d' If, to the cosmopolitan and bustling City of Lights, Paris. We will visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites, resplendent châteaux, diverse and stimulating art and history museums, historical and moving fields of battle, and many of the world's oldest and most majestic churches and cathedrals.

While we live, smell, taste and hear the culture of France, we will also learn what it is like to travel as students studying abroad, as we learn valuable skills that students will use throughout their lives, regardless of future endeavors. Above all, this immersion experience will build confidence as we learn and practice French with unlimited opportunities to converse with native speakers.

This fieldwork opportunity welcomes all John Stark students, regardless of if you are enrolled in a French class. To learn more about the itinerary please see This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Earn credit while traveling through beautiful Italy!

Earn credit while traveling through beautiful Italy!  This April 2015 break, Ms. Smart and Mr. Sullivan are offering a travel abroad course, Classical Voyage, where you will learn Italian language, culture and history.  Visit the ancient Colosseum, tour the ruins of Pompeii, swim in the Mediterranean sea at Capri and take a gondola ride through the Venice.  

The best way to learn about history is to see it in person!  Spaces are still available for this course but enrollment period ends in November.  Classes will meet during Flex block.  See Ms. Smart or Mr. Sullivan for more information.