Teacher Webpages

An Update from the Webmaster: Links to teacher's individual websites will be deleted from this page. This page will only reference "specialty" sites that do not belong to one individual staff member. Teacher websites are included on the staff directory (link provided below). Our goal is to have one place to update for teacher weblinks so that our community has the most current URL for our staff members.

Staff Directory: http://www.jsrhs.net/index.php/school-info/staff-list

Web Link World Languages Department Google Site
World Languages' Department Google Site

Web Link Ms. Chiquelin's France 2016 Website
Ms. Chiquelin's France 2016 Website

Web Link Senior Seminar 2014-2015 (Carmichael/Crisp)
Senior Seminar 2014-2015 (Carmichael/Crisp) Blog

Web Link Ms. Joseph's Literacy Coaching Resources
Note: this is a password protected Google site for teachers. SAU 24 login required!

Web Link: Living Vicuñiously: A John Stark Teacher's Adventures in Chile
Ms. Kirschbaum's Wordpress Blog