Signs of Suicide (SOS) Program

Students who are enrolled in health class this semester will be learning about suicide prevention in a different way.   In addition to their assigned health teachers Garison Rogacki and Deb Apiki, the school psychologist, Tammy Zielinski and the school adjustment counselor, Erin Murphy will facilitate the discussion of the topic.  The Signs of Suicide (SOS) Program is a universal suicide prevention program.  The goal of the SOS Program is for school staff, students, and parents to learn about depression, suicide, and the associated risks of alcohol/drug use, and increase confidence to seek help for those who need it.  Students will participate by attending their regularly scheduled health class.  We hope that the program will help instill confidence in your high school student, staff, and parents about identifying the signs of depression and suicide and how to access help if someone needs it.  Additional information on the topic is available on the school website and there will be an informational session offered during parent teacher conferences in November.  If you have any questions about this topic or your students’ participation, feel free to contact Tammy Zielinski, school psychologist 539-5352 or Erin Murphy, adjustment counselor at 529-5317.