John Stark continues to make changes to our entire school environment as we have become an award-winning school by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s voluntary Healthier US School Challenge.  The Healthier US School Challenge nationally recognizes schools at the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Gold with Distinction award level for:

  • Serving school lunches that reflect the Dietary Guidelines for Americans;
  • Restricting the availability of foods and beverages at school to those that meet healthier guidelines of lower fat, added sugars and sodium;
  • Offering nutritional education for students to learn to make healthy choices; and
  • Providing physical education and opportunities for students to be physically active during the school day.

We believe that students who learn to make healthy food choices and be physically active at school will continue these habits into adulthood.   Look for these changes on our school lunch menu:

  • A wider variety of fruits and vegetables, including dark green and orange vegetables, dry beans and peas, and fresh fruits
  • Frequent use of Whole Grain products
  • Low-fat or fat free milk

We encourage our students to try new foods, get involved in selecting healthy choices at the grocery store, and preparing healthy choices at home to reinforce the message we’re teaching at school. John Stark Regional is the only High School in New Hampshire and the second in New England to reach this goal.