What is the SAT?
The SAT is one of the standardized tests the colleges use to help determine an applicant's admission. In addition to submission requirements such as teacher recommendations, grade point average, and class rank, the SAT is used to predict how well a student will perform in college. The test takes 3 hours and 45 minutes to complete and includes three scored sections - Critical Reading, Mathematics, and Writing.

Why Take the SAT?
Many colleges require or recommend that students take SAT. In addition, a student can enhance their college application, demonstrate knowledge they have gained outside the classroom, and potentially place out of introductory courses.

When is the SAT given?
The SAT is offered on Saturday mornings seven times a year in October, November, December, January, April, May, and June. The test is offered at various test centers nationwide with most commonly in high schools.

When should students register for the SAT?
Registration deadlines are approximately 5 weeks before each test date. Student may want to register at least 6-8 weeks ahead of time to avoid late fees and ensure that they can take the SAT at their preferred test center. A test center may fill up, in which case the student would have to consider alternate options, such as testing at a different test center or moving to the next SAT exam date.

How do I register for the SAT?
All registration must be done through the College Board, the makers of the SAT. You can register for the test online at the CollegeBoard website or by mail using the SAT packet from your school guidance counselor.

How much does the SAT test cost?
You can find the current test cost on the CollegeBoard website. Various services dealing with score reports, late registration, and test changes are available for an additional fee.

How long does it take to get a student's SAT scores back?
The scores are usually mailed out 4 - 6 weeks after a student has taken the test. A student can also look up their scores online through the CollegeBoard website two weeks after their exam.

Additional Information
For more information visit the CollegeBoard website.
 For more information contact the School Counseling Center (Guidance Department).