Adviser: Bess French (Art Department)
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Meeting Times and Locations: 
Meets every Wednesday in the Art Rooms from 3-4 pm.

Club Description: 

The mission of the John Stark Art Club is to provide students with extended opportunities to explore the visual arts in a safe and supportive community setting.  Students in this group help bring the arts into the school and greater community through large-scale art works and group projects.  Students run the John Stark Toy Drive every November. The Art Club also provides a once a week open studio time for students to work on their own artwork. No prior art experience is necessary just a love of the arts! All students are welcome.

*Students may also choose to join the John Stark Chapter of the National Art Honor Society each fall. There is a small membership fee and specific criteria each student must meet. This membership provides access to additional visual art scholarships for college seeking seniors and allows art students to graduate with special recognition.